Kim’s Baby Shower!

I was in Greenville, South Carolina this weekend for my very close college friend and sorority sister Kim’s shower (you may recall she was in town a few weeks ago … somehow the last few times we’ve seen each other we’ve managed to make multiple visits several weeks apart … then not see each other for at least another year. We’ll have to change that.)

It was a nice little southern occasion, and almost felt like a bit of a college/Gamma Phi reunion, with myself, Harriet, Linde and Caroline making up all but one of Kim’s bridesmaids back in 2006 (the lone one missing was Kim’s sister-in-law). It’s always good to catch up with friends – I hadn’t seen Harriet or Caroline since the wedding – and especially nice to let our Kimmy know how much we love her and can’t wait to meet the munchkin before too long! I even finally had the opportunity to meet Harriet’s two boys … can we say super-adorable, super-southern little cuties?

Here’s a couple shots we took at the shower.

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