48 Things that Will Make You Feel Old

Wow, they aren’t kidding … this definitely does make me feel old. It’s scary to think how quickly time passes. Especially since some of these made me think of high school (you know, the height of the Backstreet Boys and N’Sync; Britney before she got married twice, had a couple kids and went crazy; Christina before she got drrty, gained weight, got married, had a kid, got divorced, and started playing with the boys on The Voice; and Jessica got married, had a reality show, got divorced, became a fashion mogul, had another reality show, became a Fashion Star mentor and had a baby). Yup, feeling pretty old.



Small World…We Aren’t All Like This!

Every year, my mom gets me the Stupidest Things Ever Said calendar. It’s good for an eye roll or giggle…but I came across this one as I was going through the last couple of days, and I couldn’t help but laugh…


Yup, I went to middle and high school in Medina, Ohio. I swear, before you judge – most of us are smarter than this.

Southern Classy, Take 2 … Virginia Gold Cup

On Saturday, my company once again sponsored a tent at the Virginia Gold Cup. I kind of consider it making up for the fact that I never went to Carolina Cup while I was in college – and it’s always fun to get dressed up, Southern Classy style.

Here are a couple shots from a fun day – maybe a little too fun of a day – you know I dig the full skirts and big hats!

New Jersey mom arrested after allegedly taking daughter, 5, into tanning booth

New Jersey mom arrested after allegedly taking daughter, 5, into tanning booth.

Just by taking a look at this woman, sadly, I think I’m less concerned about her alleged stupidity as a parent than her obvious extreme tanning bed overuse/addiction (seriously, the woman is bronze. As in, looks like she’s been dipped in bronze, like baby shoes or something). Yikes.

Granted, yes, I went through my tanning bed phase in college and a few years after, but it was never more than a couple days a week, for a few months at a time. I’m a strictly outdoor sun girl these days. I love a good tan, and I spend most of my summer weekends lounging next to the pool, but there’s definitely a line between looking healthy and looking, well … like a wet paper bag.

That said … to my parents: one week a year of 8 hours a day is not intervention-worthy. I realize that by Thursday of Covellifest Beach Week, my skin matches the dinner table. But I have started using sunscreen (yes, SPF 8 counts) and I NEVER look as scary as this woman.

Is Niceness Genetic?

I stumbled upon an interesting story about “the nice person gene” this morning, and it got me thinking … are some people just nicer than others because they’re wired that way?

In today’s world, it seems many people are so concerned with themselves and how to personally benefit or get ahead. It’s kind of reassuring to think that some people are just genuinely good, kind people (I’m lucky enough to have a few of them in my life) – even if environment does still play a factor in it.

A Day a Marriott Ranch … aka I Want a Tiny Pig

Today, Helen, Carolyn (and Addison) and I – aka the MIOS Marketing Department – took a  little trip out to Hume, Va., for a meeting planners’ event at Marriott Ranch. The weather was kind of nasty – it has been warm and sunny, so today, we’re due to be outside, so naturally it was cold and raining – but we made some new little friends at the ranch.

So, bottom line of today’s trip … I really want a tiny pig. SO CUTE!!