Weekend with Mom: Jackie’s Shower, Shopping, Newseum and Cupcakes!

It was a busy couple days here! Last weekend mom flew out for a whirlwind of a visit. We headed out to Pittsburgh, on Friday, and had a girls afternoon at the nail salon with Lindsay and Jackie. Caught up with the cousins and aunts Saturday for Jackie’s wedding shower, then headed back home Saturday night so I could teach my classes on Sunday morning, and mom and I could continue to play.

It was great to see mom’s family – unfortunately, we don’t have the opportunity to get together too often. I don’t even remember the last time I got to see Anita (my hilarious, goofy, pretty much awesome godmother), and it was so much fun getting to play with Andy, who just may be the smartest kid I’ve ever met (Seriously. Two years old. Dominated that iPad. Jaw. Dropped.) – and he’s pretty darn cute, too.

Once we made it back to Virginia, mom and I did some shopping Sunday, went to the Newseum and had dinner with Bryant and Jaci on Monday, and checked out Georgetown before she left on Tuesday (yes, I made sure she got a cupcake).

It was a fun little visit … with the exception of the bronchitis mom picked up somewhere along the way … and it definitely got me ready for the week at the beach with the family next month. It’s funny, your family drives you crazy when you are younger, but you really appreciate them so much more when they live far away. I definitely don’t get to see mom, dad and the brothers as much as I’d like to – which is too bad, because they are some of my best friends 🙂