Happy Easter!

Just wishing a very Happy Easter everyone! It was a pretty typical Sunday here – started out teaching two classes (the first one only had two people … but the second, my normally scheduled Pilates class, was about the normal turnout – and quite possibly the most men I’ve ever had in a class before … with 5, they made up almost 1/3 of the class).

Spent most of my day locked in on the same thing I’ve been consumed by for the last three weeks – I’ve finally made it to the final book of The Hunger Games. Though I’ve stood pretty firm on not giving in to the hype in the past, Kim convinced me … and they are SO GOOD!! Planning to go see the movie with Emily next weekend (since I passed #1 off to her when I finished it last weekend … and she, too, was done in four days).

Hope you had a great Easter … don’t go overboard now that you’re allowed to pick up whatever you gave up for Lent again! Happy Easter everyone!