Welcome, Summer! (Pool’s Open…)

What can I say about this weekend? WELCOME, SUMMER! The pool opened for the season on Saturday, so you know where I spent several hours both Sunday and today (I know, you’re already asking … why not Saturday? Because clearly when I scheduled my hair appointment for this Saturday back in March, I failed to think about the fact that the last weekend in May is Memorial Day weekend).

Things got off to a little rocky start on Sunday – the weather was absolutely beautiful, but they kicked everyone out of the pool around 3 p.m. after some little kid threw up in the pool. Can’t say I can remember ever going to a pool that completely shut down for something like that, but I’d already gotten about three hours in by that point, so I guess maybe that was my sign to head in. Speaking of signs … the sign the lifeguard put on the gate made me roll my eyes. It read: “Pool closed due to vomate.” I realize I’m a spelling and grammar snob, but does anyone else notice something wrong here? And yes, unlike the last few years, the lifeguards are definitely native English-speakers.

Today was another beautiful day – headed out to the gym just after 8:00 this morning, so I had plenty of time to get my two hours in and still get back in time to get sunscreened up, dressed and down to the pool in time to stand at the gate for a couple minutes before they opened up (although I did have two other people beat me down there – that doesn’t happen often). I managed to get about four hours in before the clouds started rolling in … meaning I’ve managed to grow several shades darker this weekend. Happy summer!! 🙂


New Jersey mom arrested after allegedly taking daughter, 5, into tanning booth

New Jersey mom arrested after allegedly taking daughter, 5, into tanning booth.

Just by taking a look at this woman, sadly, I think I’m less concerned about her alleged stupidity as a parent than her obvious extreme tanning bed overuse/addiction (seriously, the woman is bronze. As in, looks like she’s been dipped in bronze, like baby shoes or something). Yikes.

Granted, yes, I went through my tanning bed phase in college and a few years after, but it was never more than a couple days a week, for a few months at a time. I’m a strictly outdoor sun girl these days. I love a good tan, and I spend most of my summer weekends lounging next to the pool, but there’s definitely a line between looking healthy and looking, well … like a wet paper bag.

That said … to my parents: one week a year of 8 hours a day is not intervention-worthy. I realize that by Thursday of Covellifest Beach Week, my skin matches the dinner table. But I have started using sunscreen (yes, SPF 8 counts) and I NEVER look as scary as this woman.