Holy Thunderstorms!

Well, it was an interesting night here in NoVA. I was settled into bed, getting ready to fall asleep … and then the storms began. Though it probably wasn’t the best idea, it prompted me to hop out of bed and peek through the window to check out what was going on. I swear, this was the second time in my life I’ve seen rain coming down SIDEWAYS (the first time was about 18 years ago). I’m pretty sure it wasn’t this bad when the hurricane whipped through most of the east coast last summer.

I’m looking at it this way – maybe it was my sign from above that I needed to relax today (as expected, the power is out at the gym … and I woke up about an hour later than I would have planned to anyway … you know my Saturday gym schedule revolves around opening time at the pool).

It’s an understatement to say it’s been an exhausting week. You know how they say when it rains, it pours? (Wow, what a fitting analogy!) Let’s just say that the crazy thunderstorm sums up my week at work. There were four solid days that it got to be close to 1 p.m. and I started thinking, oh, I should probably have lunch (we normally lunch around 11:30 a.m.) – and shoved salad down my throat as I continued working. Pretty sure yesterday was the first day this entire week that I had two seconds to breathe. This week KICKED MY BUTT – I’m definitely earning my upcoming vacation!!

So, today I relax. And buckle down for my final Sunday Spinning class at XSport Alexandria tomorrow morning (if you’ve ever checked it out, I recommend reading my reflections on the past two years here: http://wp.me/p2fdg2-70).


Southern Classy, Take 2 … Virginia Gold Cup

On Saturday, my company once again sponsored a tent at the Virginia Gold Cup. I kind of consider it making up for the fact that I never went to Carolina Cup while I was in college – and it’s always fun to get dressed up, Southern Classy style.

Here are a couple shots from a fun day – maybe a little too fun of a day – you know I dig the full skirts and big hats!

A Day a Marriott Ranch … aka I Want a Tiny Pig

Today, Helen, Carolyn (and Addison) and I – aka the MIOS Marketing Department – took a  little trip out to Hume, Va., for a meeting planners’ event at Marriott Ranch. The weather was kind of nasty – it has been warm and sunny, so today, we’re due to be outside, so naturally it was cold and raining – but we made some new little friends at the ranch.

So, bottom line of today’s trip … I really want a tiny pig. SO CUTE!!